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Statement from European Carton Makers Association

ECMA Secretariat

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Statement from European Carton Makers Association

Folding cartons: a vital piece of the retail supply chain during Covid-19 crisis

Cartonboard packaging is proving to be an essential item that is helping to maintain an effective supply chain for food and pharmaceutical products during the Covid-19 crisis.

Folding cartons are facilitating the hygienic and efficient movement of products into these markets, which have seen significant increases in demand. Folding carton manufacturers are continuing to operate their facilities across Europe, in line with their responsibility as an essential industry, in a bid to keep supply chains moving.

Mike Turner from ECMA commented “During the Covid-19 crisis, the value of packaging has been recognised by many governments and retailers across the world. Folding cartons especially, have played a vital role in helping brand-owners deliver essential products to families and communities when they need them the most.

Folding cartons provide a strong retail shelf presence, are readily recyclable and enjoy an unmatched carbon footprint – no other packaging material can offer all these

advantages. ”

We have always known that folding cartons are sustainable, recyclable, made from renewable fibre and well aligned with the European Commission’s Circular Economy strategy, but their value is today being reinforced as a critical item involved in keeping Europe supplied with food and medicines.

End 30.03.20

About the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA)

ECMA is an international network for folding carton converters, national folding carton associations and suppliers to the folding carton industry. ECMA represents around 500 folding carton producers in nearly all countries in the European Economic Area accounting for around 70% of the total folding carton market in Europe with a current workforce of about 50,000 people.

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