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Blister Cards

Our unique “PREDICTABLE, REPEATABLE, BONDING ©” system allows us to be the only blister card manufacturer to offer our customers a 100% seal guarantee. 

Our in depth knowledge and expertise allows us to provide you with the best solution for your product whether it be a simple blister card, trap blister or high barrier performance against moisture or odour. 

Castle Colour is the UK’s Number One supplier of blister cards

Case Studies


The Challenge

Our client was shipping products to Asia, across the equator by sea. During shipping products were subjected to extreme variations of both temperature and humidity leading to item deterioration. We were asked to solve the problem.

The Solution

Working with the client we replicated the extreme conditions the products were subjected to. We tested a range of new card finishes and created an effective predictable solution. This not only offered product protection but also maintained the speed of the customer manufacturing lines.


The Challenge

Our customer’s household cleaning products were produced using standard manufacturing processes. Supermarket clients complained of detrimental odour leakage and we were asked to solve the problem.

The Solution

We replicated the in-store conditions and using our proprietary finishing technology created an effective odour barrier. We also developed a range of tests proving the solution to the satisfaction of the supermarkets.


The Challenge

Our customer in the Personal Care market was suffering 30% wastage on their blister card production lines as there was incompatibility between the cards, blister bubble and machinery. We were asked to create a solution.

The Solution

We visited the production site, examined and mapped the entire manufacturing process. We worked with the plastics supplier, trained staff, established optimum machine settings and established key windows for success. Our actions reduced production failure rates to 0.01%, increased operating speeds 70%, and created a predictable manufacturing process that saved money.

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