Castle Colour Packaging has a strong moral compass – we like to do things right.

We like to treat our team, our customers, our partners, our local area and our wider community with respect. This is our environmental conscience, the foundation of our environmental policy.

Our Board

We manufacture with both virgin and recycled board. The raw material used for our board is wood fibre from sustainably managed forests and other controlled pulp sources. These forests help filter out carbon from the atmosphere delivering a sustainable, renewable bio-based raw material for board packaging. Water is an essential element of board production and in European mills 95% of the usage is cleaned and reused on site. The remaining water is purified to EU standards before being returned to the environment.
Our Ink
We manufacture with both conventional offset inks and UV offset inks.
• Our conventional inks are vegetable based.
• Our UV inks are a fossil-based range – these contain a 20% bio based content.
As technology develops that improves the bio-based content in these inks, we test them and where possible add them to our library.
Our Factory
At Castle Colour we strive to keep up to date with technological advances and materials that enable us to maintain a lower carbon footprint.
• In 2007 we were one of the early adopters of a Carbon Trust loan scheme to equip our factory with a zero greenhouse gas emissions evaporative cooling system.
• When we invest in new equipment, we ensure that we are selecting equipment that not only works at an operationally high efficiency, but we also make sure that it is built with a low carbon impact.
• Our lights throughout our site have been replaced with low emission bulbs and tubes.
When it comes to our materials and handling of waste, we are equally as concerned that we are doing what is best for both our company, the environment and our local area.
• We ensure recyclability of all product through our factory.
• We encourage recycling and responsible handling of waste throughout all our site, whether offices, warehousing or manufacturing.