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Printed Cartons

Castle Colour supplies high quality printed cartons to wide ranging and demanding market sectors.  Our constructional teams will help you develop the right carton for your products. 

We help you select the right materials and carton construction to ensure your product is protected.  We work with your artwork teams to make sure your printed carton looks the best it can. 

Whether it be a food, household, personal care, gift or other market requirement our use of latest technologies means you achieve a consistent high quality printed pack that enhances your product and brand.

Protect and promote your product and brand in the most efficient, reliable and cost effective way

Case Studies


The Challenge

Our customer needed to find a new way to provide customers with clear instructions on how to apply their products to pets, without the use of a paper sheet.

The Solution

We devised a new carton design, with printed instructions clearly visible to the user before each application. The result met legal requirements and offered maximum visibility of instructions and was quicker to pack. In addition, the packaging was more environmentally friendly and offered cost savings.


The Challenge

One of our major customers was looking to install an automatic filling and packing line to introduce a new range of Horticultural products.

The Solution

We worked alongside the customer and their European equipment supplier as they installed and commissioned the machinery. We introduced an extensive range of cartons, with size and substrate developed to best protect the product and give the most economic return in store.

All necessary samples for trials were supplied, both for the machine manufacturer and the production unit once the machine was installed. This allowed our customer to introduce a highly successful range of products, supplied on time and exceeding all the customer’s expectations.


The Challenge

Our customer needed new tamper proof packaging for their razor blade products but did not want to make any additional investment in machinery.

The Solution

Our product develop team created new packaging that ran on the existing production lines, was tamper proof and gave them a commercial advantage. It hit the required price point and was introduced with no capital investment to them.

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