Redesigning the Aldi The Pantry Sweetener Cartons to remove the plastic.

Brief  To develop a more sustainable packaging solution, that could be machine erected and used in an automated packing line.

Execution  Our approach to this design challenge was for our skilled Constructional Design Team to develop the best solution considering the materials, engineering and processes. One of the challenges to overcome was ensuring it was fit for purpose enabling it to be operated as an automated carton. Several options were presented, and we worked in conjunction with the customer to support trials.

The chosen carton has a complicated internal fitment which ensures visibility of the dispenser both from side to side and top to bottom within the carton aperture. Product visibility was an essential feature for the customer to maintain the product identity for consumers when moving from a blister pack to a carton. The requirement for this internal glued fitment and that the carton is machine erected and packed presented significant challenges for our gluing team. Our skilled team in the gluing department had the expertise to know the best approach and the design was revised on several occasions prior to achieving a carton that consistently erected on the customers automated packing line.

Our Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 printing press provided us with the high speed colour accuracy and consistency needed.

Results  Despite the tight timescales, our skilled teams worked together to successfully complete this project, ensuring it was delivered on time and met the customers’ design, sustainability, and packing requirements. A successful move to plastic-free, sustainable cartonboard.